An internship at 'Blue Support Platform' means working on real-world products that customers use every day.

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Whether you want to transition into a new field, improve in your role or bring your big ideas to life, Blue Support Platform can help you get there.

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Build Better Skills

Accelerate your learning with on-demand courses taught by tech team. Gain skills required to succeed in an entry-level IT jobs.

Real-time Work Exposure

Learn how to provide end-to-end customer support, ranging from identifying problems to troubleshooting and debugging.

Earn a Career Certificate

Get recognized as a certified expert, boost productivity, competitive differentiation and contribute more to your company success.

College Students
  • College student, a graduate, or just starting your career
  • Tech-savvy learners
Working/Non-working Professionals
  • Any employee engaged in work
  • Leave work at company
Industry Professionals
  • Entrepreneur, Managers, Innovators etc.
  • Tech-savvy industry professionals

It’s a short-term shadowing experience in which a candidate follows a professional to observe the day-to-day activities in their tenure.

  • Start from 1 month
  • 2 Months
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • Get an Industry recognized certificate
  • You can share your Certificate in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.


  • Get on boarded to our Blue Support Platform – It’s Free!
  • Get on boarded to our clients projects
  • Learn and resolve real-time customer’s problems
  • Earn some extra cash and perks as you learn and work with us

Who Do You Want to Become?

How can you build expertise through Certification?

Once you are certified, you can gain industry recognition, competitive differentiation, greater productivity and results, increased user community satisfaction, and a tangible measure of your educational investment.

Software Developer

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Get an introduction to the programming skills needed for a career as a software developer. This learning path provides a broad perspective on core technologies for web development, software development, and databases.

*No degree or experience required.

Website Developer

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A Web Developer is a professional who is responsible for the design and construction of websites. They ensure that sites meet user expectations by ensuring they look good, run smoothly and offer easy access points with no loading issues between pages or error messages.

*No degree or experience required.

Google SEO Analyst

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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst will act as part of the SEO team, identifying and implementing search engine optimization efforts so that keyword searches and organic search engine traffic will funnel more visits to the website.

*No degree or experience required.

Business Analyst

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Business analysts assess how organisations are performing and help them improve their processes and systems. They conduct research and analysis in order to come up with solutions to business problems and help to introduce these solutions to businesses and their clients.

*No degree or experience required.

Database Analyst

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The Database Analyst will maintain data storage; assess database design; and gather, organize, and interpret statistical information based on the data in the database.

*No degree or experience required.

Perform meaningful work from day one

Build Skills That Deliver Results

We will challenge you to take on high-impact projects, expand your technical skills and exceed your own expectations.

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