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Installed technology needs ongoing maintenance and support, or it will not remain functional for long. As technology has become embedded in the school setting, schools and districts have had to come up with systems to support it, and have had to create support roles and find people to fill them. This chapter provides rules and guidelines for assessing the systems that support technology use.

Are personnel available to provide technical support?

As schools commit more funds to the purchase of technology, they must also look at the support needed by the end users of these purchases. Most school systems have designated an office of technology support, but rarely do tech support personnel work directly with school staff. Usually, the only times tech support visits a school is when there is a major infrastructure malfunction or new equipment is being installed. Even more rarely can central-office technology support personnel be of assistance in educating users, say, on how a software package works.


Today, school is more than just pencil and paper. With new technological resources, your teachers are creating the next generation of learning experiences for their students. Working with an IT infrastructure that runs perfectly, will give your staff the time and resources they need to achieve their educational goals. We monitor your systems around the clock in order to reduce downtime and costs. We also have the ability to connect users through knowledge-sharing networks.

Some challenges you may face:
  • Lack of focused technology platform throughout the district
  • Many software tools, curriculums, and apps competing for integrations
  • Limited budgets and urgency cause impulsive device purchasing that is not scalable or compatible 
  • Poor training on tools for instructors and paras cause adornment and a lack of confidence in the technology
  • No strategic long-term planning beyond a reactionary request

Working with us to deliver your IT support can help you achieve significant cost savings whilst also improving IT delivery within your school or trust.

You Deserve A Better Tech Support Experience.

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