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Freelancers are driving the economy. Freelancers are not only shaping the future of work, they are the backbone of the economy. More than a third of the world’s population was freelancing last year, and the independent workforce has grown by 7% in five years.

Freelancers are paid more than employees, in my opinion, is because they are specialists in what they do. When you hire a freelancer for a specific task, you are paying directly for a highly-talented individual that is work-ready, doesn’t need to be trained and is more efficient than a regular employee.

Even for businesses, hiring and working with freelance developers provided higher convenience. Small companies could now work with top-quality developers for the duration of important projects. They were also saving on rent space and employee benefits while getting access to a global tech talent pool.

Some of the freelance developer challenges that have been borne from the consequences of the global pandemic are:

  • Project cancellations
  • Delays in payments
  • Drop in new projects
  • Work on side-projects
  • Find time to up-skill yourself
  • Contribute to tech blogs
  • Enroll in a tech talent network
A Final Take

Working as a remote freelancer certainly does have many perks, as you can enjoy the freedom of being your own boss while also being more flexible and free with your schedule. However, over time, you will soon notice some issues or challenges creep up as you try and complete important projects, or even as you’re busy applying for potential freelancing gigs.

Remote help-desk support for freelancers

The greatest challenge as a freelancer is keeping track of work from multiple clients. Are you still making notes about each finished job or pending payment? Use Blue Support platform.

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