SSL Certificate

What is SSL? Why SSL is important?

An SSL certificate [Secure Socket Layer Certificate] is a digital certificate that is issued by a certificate authority. As the evolution of the internet has increased in some last years, the rapid growth of the digital world increased. Currently every small business to large business is going online, when we think to go online then there is high risk of cybercrime.
To prevent the attacks on your website or software you need to install a SSL certificate. A SSL certificate is kind of bodyguard to keep safe from attackers.

SSL encrypts sensitive information

We share the data over the internet from one machine to another machine, sometimes this data sensitive so we need to encrypt this data. SSL keep safe information with encrypted format only recipient can access it.

Gives You More Protection against Hackers

One looks for the security of their personnel information such as credit card details, their log-in credentials, etc. SSL certificate ensures that no hacker can access this important information. Furthermore, an SSL certificate helps in encrypting the data and protects the user in case of man-in-the-middle attack.

Protects from Google Warning

Google has pledged to make the Internet a safer place by naming and shaming unencrypted sites (HTTP sites) with its consent updates. As of October 17, 2018, Google released Chrome 70 and with it, they increased their security warnings for sites that are not fully HTTPS secure.

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