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Types of Hosting? Which Hosting should buy?

A web based software or website needs to host over cloud to access them through the computer or mobile. To decide a right hosting is the difficult one task, we need to understand our requirements deeply with technology which we used for to developing an application.

1. Shared Hosting

Plan to host website at initial level of business or entry level, the shared hosting is the best suitable option for business owners, it’s not that much costly as compared to other hosting. With Shared Hosting, your website is placed on a common server with many other users. Like you are taking single block from complete complex, means other peoples are also in same complex.
Users can also set up multiple websites under single account. This is why Shared server is such a great choice for small businesses, blogs, and personal websites looking for cost-efficient, easy to use, safe hosting services.

2. VPS Hosting

Virtual private hosting is the best solution for mid-size of business. VPS hosting sits squarely between shared and dedicated. When you choose VPS, there will be other websites hosted on the same hardware as yours (remember that powerful server we talked about earlier?).
But — and it’s a big one — your website is the only domain allocated to your particular virtual compartment. And that means you get your own operating system, dedicated storage, powerful CPU, scalable RAM, and unlimited bandwidth.
With a VPS, you are getting many of the benefits of a dedicated server — for an affordable price. In short, VPS hosting can give you more bang for your buck.

3. Dedicated Server / Hosting

A Dedicated hosting is a hosting in which company purchase or lease complete server for the application. Why people choose the dedicated server is that- in a dedicated server, you get better resources where it has the capacity to handle the high traffic volume.
So if you are thinking what dedicated server is then here is the answer for it- When you purchase a dedicated server the hosting company will provide you with the entire server. As you will own the entire server you will be given the root access to your server so that you can do any change on your server as per your requirements.

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