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Resolve customer queries using automation and support

The purpose of customer support software is to enable you to manage, organize and track customer requests using a single platform. Likewise, it consolidates these issues and conversations and associate them with customer records, providing your CRM and sales more insights to personalize campaigns. The main feature is the ticketing system, which transforms customer emails, calls, social posts and chat messages into tickets and routed to agents for immediate resolution.

Why Use Customer Support Software?

Never miss a ticket. A loss ticket can send a customer on a rampage and, worse, you lose his business. Customer support software automates ticket routing and tracks ticket statuses to ensure all customer inquiries are accounted for. Managers and team leaders may also be alerted of pending tickets, avoiding escalating issues. Furthermore, since tickets are associated with related records including previous conversations, an agent can quickly take over a ticket without repeating the process from scratch, a really annoying scenario for customers.

Gain customer insights. As you accumulate tickets, issues, resolutions, cases and support interactions, your customer database becomes a trove of insights on your market. Using analytics you can run reports on key metrics and discover patterns or trends that otherwise may have escaped the naked eye. Over a period of time you will have a better perspective of your product’s vulnerabilities based on customer complaints. Likewise, you will have a more accurate feel of your market, which allows for more responsive campaigns or product development.

Deliver 24/7 support. Many solutions provide a way where customers can send their inquiries via email outside of business hours. The emails are automatically transformed into tickets and routed to the first available agent during office hours. This way, you are essentially providing all-day, year-long access to your customer service.

Provide the right service. Not all customers are equal, especially if you have a service level agreement (SLA). SLAs are your promised level of support that customers expect once they sign up with you. Customer support software commonly provides a field in the customer record that indicates its SLA. Other systems also automatically route premium SLA tickets to the right agents, eliminating the time-consuming task of ticket sorting.

Resolve customer queries using automation and support

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