Get More Google Reviews (with Examples)

Learn everything you need to know about star ratings from how they appear in organic search results to the impact on local rankings and more. When a person searches Google, they will come across star ratings on standard blue link listings, ads, rich results like recipe cards, local pack results, third-party review sites, and on app store results.

The benefits of more Google business reviews
  • More reviews, more leads
  • More positive reviews, more purchases
  • Higher reviews, higher rank
  • Lots of reviews, lower costs
How to get more Google reviews
  • Create a Google review link shortcut
  • Link out to your Google reviews page from your website
  • Include a Google review CTA in your footer
  • Create “leave us a review” cards
  • Ask for Google reviews in person
  • Emphasize to customers how quick and easy it is
  • Run a Google review email campaign
  • Ask for reviews on social media

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